Building for the Future by working with the Present

PSM has been traveling to elementary schools in West Central Illinois to read an illustrated storybook called "Producers, Pigs, & Pork" to the children.

The Producers, Pigs, & Pork Storybook is a visually-appealing, illustrated story of a boy's visit to a modern swine production facility.

PSM has currently read the book to the following schools.
  • Dallas City
  • St. Peter & Paul (Nauvoo)
  • LaHarpe
  • Hamilton
  • Lincoln (Macomb)
  • Central (Camp Point)
  • St. Paul (Macomb)
  • Carthage
  • Warsaw
  • Nauvoo-Colusa

If you are interested in having us read this book to your school, please contact us.

This book is also available for purchase here.