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Family Farmers Proudly Producing Pork

Professional Swine ManagementProfessional Swine Management, LLC provides comprehensive management of family breed to wean and wean to finish facilities. We focus on managing all phases of production including breeding, gestation, farrowing, nursery, and finishing and help family farmers remain a vital part of the food supply chain. The goal of Professional Swine Management, LLC is to optimize all phases of production and help family farmers remain a vital part of the food supply chain. 

Generations of Excellence.  Building for the future by working with the present.

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Professional Swine Management New Website
To better meet the needs of its swine producer clientele, PSM launches new website.

PSM Attends the Economic Summit!
Professional Swine Management attended the Economic Summit on 3/31/2014.


Attention Students!
Students interested in swine production, veterinary medicine, nutrition research, and/or animal behavior find out about our Internship Program.

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